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Avanos, Kapadokya

"People are our Priority"


Merhaba, Welcome dear Guests,

Tafana Restoranın sahibiThe name of this restaurant where you are our guests is "Tafana".

"Tafana" is briefly the name of that part of old Avanos houses where bread is baked and stored.

This is a part that resembles modern kitchens and store rooms, but has many more uses. In this part, it is possible to sit, to keep warm, eat, entertain guests, as well as sleep and rest. "Tafanas" are generally made out of carved caves. They are covered by stone arches. On their walls, there are shelf-like projections called "Taka", that are useful for keeping small objects and lamps. In the middle of the room, there is a pit called "Tandir". This "Tandir" serves both for cooking food and baking bread, as well as for keeping warm.

The "Tafana" has a window opening out to the courtyard, and this is where the daylight comes in from. Some houses in various regions of our country have rooms just like a "Tafana". But although their functions are the same as the "Tafana", they are called by different names. In fact, "Tafana" is a name used only in Avanos, and even neighbouring towns and villages do not know of it. Also the name "Tafana" is so integrated with the inhabitants of Avanos that when you ask someone on his way home where he is going, he is likely to answer: "To the Tafana."

TafanaAs you know, the "Pide" that we serve you, our guests, is a form of bread. That is why we have named our Restaurant "Tafana", since the name and function seem appropriate. "Tafana" will serve as a bridge between the past and the future in Avanos. But in today's "Tafana" we feel we have the right to use this name, in that it can give you, our guests, the warmth of the real "Tafana", its namesake.

In Turkey, it is our custom to utter words of good will when we are seeing our guests off. And so, we wish you a very happy and healthy and peaceful life...!