Tafana logosuTafana Pide Restaurant
Avanos, Cappadocia

Our Story

The building that today is Tafana Restaurant has a history of over one hundred years.

A local stone called kisir has been used as construction material. Other than stone, wood provides a very important architectural element in the building especially on the ceilings, staircases and balconies. 

Our building, has many of the traditional architectural elements of Avanos, it once served as a Han (Old time Hotel) for many years. During those years when there were no cars, only horses and donkeys were used, our building accommodated travelers and merchants upstairs and cargo and animals downstairs within the two storey Han.

Hajji Hasan Aga’s Han, Tafana’s old name, has left an unforgettable mark on the society in its time as an important place of accommodation and rest in Avanos. Hajji Hasan Aga’s Han, in the beginning of the 70s had was demolished by its owner at the time, our grandfather Hajji Hasan Aga (İNCE), a stone mason who built many houses in the old part of Avanos. The current building / now restaurant was reconstructed by him in the same location.

So ended the times for Hajji Hasan Aga’s Han, with much historical and physical change, but has remained as one of the "unforgettables" of Avanos. In its new form Hajji Hasan Aga’s building housed many other family businesses for many generations. Finally on 14th of June, 1989, "TAFANA PİDE and KEBAB HOUSE" was established in this building as our current family business. 

Tafana Restaurant continues to serve local and foreign guests as one of the oldest establishments of its sort in Avanos.