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Avanos, Cappadocia

Who are we?

Dear Guests,

We Tafana Pide and Kebab House located in the centre of Avanos, in the vicinity of ancient town; where very old stone “cave” houses are located and very near by Kızılırmak River (ancient Halys) which divides Avanos into two halves, since 14th of June 1989.

And perhaps, very close by where you might choose to stay.

Tafana Restaurant has a very safe location on the main street, where you can watch the busy everyday day life of the town, through our large ornate windows.

Our restaurant is at your service on the ground floor of our two story building which is dominated by the decorative harmony of earthy yellows and browns.

The façade has a lean-to roof which is made completely of wood and is decorated by hand made stained glass and antique lamps. In spring and summer we have many colorful plants and vines.

duvar panosuInternal decoration consist of large clay wall (relief) panels depicting Avanos and Cappadocia scenes, there are gilded ceiling decorations, locally hand decorated clay service plates, architectural wall elements have been used. Also inside the restaurant numerous objects and pictures from various places in the world are exhibited for our guests.

All our dishes are freshly prepared / cooked. Mostly in traditional clay casseroles in the wood fired stone oven, or over hot coals that you can see from your table Thus our food is always served to you piping hot. We use lean, trimmed “waist” Beef with no all muscle and fat) and fresh local fillet chicken. Vegetarians are also catered for.

You can try various local dishes: Meats casseroled in bread sealed clay pots (Testi kebab), Turkish pizza (pide) with numerous fillings and local style Kebabs cooked over fire in our restaurant. Many cold starters (mezes) and warming soups complement our main dishes.

taş fırınımızTafana Restaurant serves some of the best examples of Avanos traditional kitchen. We recommend you to visit us for an enjoyable lunch and dinner. More over; beyond food, we hope to share the memories of the manager of our restaurant who has traveled the world. Tafana has hosted many politicians, bureaucrats, media people and scientists and naturally many of our local Artists.


Dear guests,

We will be pleased to have you as our guests. Enjoy our happy ambience and let’s spend some special moments together, sharing the memories and knowledge of Cappadocia and places around the world!

We are easy to find! Ask any local, or, if you wish call 511 4862 locally, we’ll come and pick you up. We’re right in the town centre, near the “potter’s statue” within 5 minutes walking distance of Ancient Avanos & all of the other commercial attractions of the area, 100’s of potters’ workshops and carpet galleries. Plus only 50 meters from the fresh breeze of Avanos’s sweetheart, the Kızılırmak River!

"Included in our service:"

We share our travel notes and knowledge of Cappadocia and places around the world!